Nuts and dried fruits can have an impact on our performance due to their unique nutrients and vitamins. In the following, we will introduce some useful nuts and dried fruits that are useful to eat during the Corona era. Nuts should not be seen only as snacks because their properties are so high that they should be included in everyone’s diet.

Dates: By keeping the body warm and having a lot of energy, Buah Kurma Malaysia can have a significant impact on health in the process of treatment or disease prevention. It is also good for the heart and controlling other diseases.

Pistachios: Pistachios are known to have antioxidant properties. By eating pistachios, you help your immune system a lot. The antimicrobial property of pistachio is obvious to everyone and its consumption is recommended for those who have heart disease; Because the consumption of pistachios increases the good and essential cholesterol of the body and prevents the clogging of arteries. Your fat and blood pressure are controlled with the green brain of this delicious fruit.

Almonds: Another nut that has antioxidants is almonds. Almonds help to strengthen the mind and strengthen the bones. while arming the body against disease agents.

Cashews: Cashews are very useful for the health of the body because they have anti-cancer properties and prevent many diseases. If you are not allergic to this type of almond, be sure to include a few seeds in your diet.

Hazelnut: Hazelnut helps to ease the blood flow in the body by eliminating heart diseases, and as a result, we will have a healthier body that shows more resistance to diseases, including corona. Hazelnut is effective in improving the functioning of the digestive system and respiratory organs.

Walnuts: Walnuts are one of the most important nuts that contain many properties. In addition to strengthening the brain and giving strength to nerve cells, walnuts can relieve constipation and sleep disorders in people. Proper rest and adequate sleep protect the body against diseases.

Dried Apricot slice: One of the most popular dried fruits in our country is apricot leaf. A lot of vitamins and minerals collected in this dried fruit can relieve constipation. As you know, constipation is the cause of many physical diseases that must be treated. Apricot leaf also fights free radicals that are harmful to the health of the body and improves respiratory diseases.

Dried Mango slice: Mango has anti-cancer properties, so it strengthens the body’s immune system, while it also relieves cough and shortness of breath. Mango is effective in treating colds and calms the nerves. Some diseases appear in the body when we have a weak immune system. One of the factors that weaken this system is stress and anxiety. Also, the high level of cortisol hormone in the blood also leads to such events.

Dried Plum slice: Plum leaf is one of the very rich sources of vitamin C. Plums are useful for treating anemia, treating flu and colds, and many other diseases. Digestive problems are also solved with the help of plum leaves and it brings you a healthier body.