What are the common questions about keeping dates?

Here are ways to keep date fruits for a longer period of time:

1- How to store dates in the freezer: There are some dates that can be stored in the freezer for a year due to their properties. You put these fresh and semi-dry dates in the freezer bag, but make sure that there is no air inside, then put them in the cold part of the freezer and you can use it for a year.


When you want to use Kedai Kurma Green Diamond, take them out a few hours earlier so that the ice melts and can be used. This fruit has many benefits and it is always there, never forget to eat it.

2- Is it necessary to not touch dates before consumption: If you care about hygiene and cleanliness, it is better to wash it clean before consuming it, especially when you have prepared it. After all, this fruit comes from the palm tree and there are all kinds of bacteria and germs on it, so it is necessary to wash it, but there is no need to remove the skin because it is completely clean and you can eat it safely.

3- Why some dates turn sour: Dates have a sweet taste and are rich in sugar, which is one of the reasons for their sourness. This situation occurs mostly in soft dates that have a lot of moisture and after a while it tastes sour. When the weather is hot and humid, micro-organisms start to grow and sourness occurs in the dates, the best thing is to keep them in a closed container in the refrigerator.