The Health Benefits of Pitted Dates

Pitted dates are the perfect snack. Made from dried fruit. Dried to perfection. Sun-maid Natural Deglet Noor Pitted dates are rich, with high fiber, naturally sweet. Their naturally nutty sweetness […]

Date Fruits Price & Benefits

Have you ever wondered why the Date Fruits Price is so high. Well, let me tell you why it is priced so high and what you can do to get […]

Date-producing Countries

According to a recent report by the USDA, the four most date-producing countries in the world are Pakistan, Egypt, Iran and Nigeria. The report indicates that Pakistan’s produce accounts for […]

How to Find the Best Fruit and Dates Suppliers

The dates that are sold in stores all over the world are called “dates.” But what exactly are they? How can anyone sell them effectively in their respective countries? And […]

How To Get The Best From An Ajwa Date

Ajwa is the traditional weaving instrument of Malaysia and the name of the plant itself means “water-clay”. It was first used in Aztec rituals, but its uses spread across the […]

Wholesale Dates – Getting Quality and Fresh Fruits at Best Prices

If any country wants to sell Dates Fruit to India, first they search for a potential market to locate a reliable and cost effective distributor of Dates Fruit. However it […]

Date Wholesalers: How to Choose the Best One For Your Business?

In the traditional market, we have dates as the prime commodity. It is used for many purposes like preparing of fruits, pickles and relishes, sweets, desserts, jams, etc. Nowadays however, […]

Wholesale Date Suppliers in Malaysia

Wholesale Dates Malaysia is the largest producer of dates in the world. With more than 250 million people using it for different purposes, it is a large export crop to […]