Benefits of Almonds and Dates for Health



The effect of almonds in reducing cholesterol and the risk of heart diseases

Although the amount of fat in almonds is very high, unlike many other foods that contain fat, almond fat is unsaturated, and not only does it not increase blood cholesterol, but it also reduces the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood and This arrangement reduces the risk of heart diseases. According to the findings of scientists, eating all edible nuts, which are called nuts in English, are effective in reducing the level of bad cholesterol in the blood and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. For example, in a research, it was found that people who eat nuts 5 times a week, the probability of heart disease is reduced by 50%.

Scientists believe this is due to the presence of fiber in almonds. In fact, almonds trap cholesterol in the digestive tract. In this way, it does not allow cholesterol to enter the blood stream and is excreted through feces. We recommend people who suffer from high cholesterol to eat one serving of almonds daily, equivalent to 30 grams (about a handful).

Almonds for diabetes

Another benefit of almonds that we want to explain in this section is almonds for diabetic patients. Almonds are a low carbohydrate food, but are high in healthy fats, protein and fiber, and therefore are an ideal choice for diabetics. However, another thing that separates almonds from other types of nuts is the significant amount of magnesium they contain.

Eliminating magnesium deficiency in type 2 diabetic patients who have magnesium deficiency significantly reduces blood sugar levels and improves insulin function. New research by scientists also indicates that almonds can be useful in controlling blood sugar and blood cholesterol in patients with diabetes.

The effect of almonds in lowering blood pressure

Consuming almonds (due to their high magnesium content) also helps control blood pressure levels. High blood pressure is one of the factors that lead to heart attacks, strokes and kidney failure. Magnesium deficiency is strongly associated with blood pressure problems, and studies have shown that getting enough magnesium can significantly lower blood pressure. Considering that most people do not consume foods containing magnesium, adding almonds to the diet can have a great effect on reducing blood pressure levels in people with high blood pressure.

USDA has provided the following nutritional information for one date (7 grams):

Date calories: 20

Date fat: 0 grams

Date sodium: 0.14 mg

Carbohydrates of dates: 5.3 grams

Date fiber: 0.6 grams

Date sugars: 4 grams

Date protein: 0.2 grams

Energy: Dates are full of carbohydrates that include sucrose, fructose and glucose. If you want to give your body energy in the shortest possible time, eat dates. Dates are very useful for getting energy and that’s why athletes, bodybuilders and swimmers eat a lot of dates before a competition to get energy. Here, the difference between fresh dates and dried dates is insignificant, as both of them provide enough energy.

There are 23 calories in dates; 1% date calories, 96% date carbohydrates, 3% date protein. Dried dates have more calories than fresh dates because the natural sugar in the fruit is converted into artificial sugar after drying. As a result, to reduce weight, include fresh dates in your diet and to increase weight, use dry dates in your diet.

Dates are rich in nutrients and a good source of fiber. In fact, if we consider Borong Kurma Seri kembangan as a fruit, it is better to know that fruits and vegetables have rich nutrients and are rich in water and fiber. Because of this, they provide high energy satiety and nourish your body with nutrients.

Some people’s concern about dates is more related to date sugar and date calories. However, dates also provide fiber, which can affect how sugar is absorbed from the digestive system. A diet high in fiber can help you lose weight. In fact, a 2008 study of more than 89,000 people found that total fiber intake was inversely related to weight gain and waist circumference change. Dates are considered a healthy food that provides various nutrients and a source of fiber.