How to Buy Ajwa Dates Wholesale

When you look into the different types of products, you will find that there are many different products that are available from Ajwa Dates or other dry fruit wholesalers. Some are flavored like chocolate, vanilla or lemon. Most of them are dark colored, with a small piece of chocolate or fruit inside the center. Some have a glossy finish while some are matte. However, what makes a good quality date is if the chocolate is of good quality and there’s a tiny piece of skin left over from manufacturing the date.

For people who are not in the mood to read labels, it might help to just picture in your mind what the different types of dates that you will come across with Ajwa Dates are, starting with the ones that we mentioned above. They are; orange/red, pink, cream, lime green, peach, apricot and the Hawaiian variety, which is the one with the coconut and pineapple chunks. There are more, but we are sure you get the picture. The followings are some other types of dates; Pecan, almond, coconut, almond butter, hazelnut, cashew, pine nut, kiwi, mango and papaya.

You will find that all the various types of dates mentioned above are used in the manufacture of an almost innumerable range of fruit-flavored candy. Some examples of the dry fruits that are used in sweets are: date palm, kiwi, pineapples, mango, banana split and the pear and vanilla flavors in the dates. Another category of dates is that of the ones used to make honey and these are called as “honeycomb dates”. There are even almonds that have honey in them, called as “almonds with honey”. These types of dates are widely used for making honey and are also used in making candies like the “Honeycomb Candy”.

In the market, there are many a retailer who is ready to sell these at very attractive prices. However, buying from a retailer is always better than buying from a distributor on the internet because of the amount of difference that can be made. It is always better to go through the Ajwa dates website itself for getting all the information about their products. When you are buying from the internet, you will not be able to look at the quality of the product yourself. So, this is the reason that you need to check out the details online before you actually order anything from the wholesale supplier of Ajwa dates.